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Micro EPS Bean Bag Beans

High quality Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam micro beans for bean bag filling.

Do you have a brand new bean bag cover waiting to be filled? Or do you have an existing bean bag that has gotten slack over the years?

Perfect for bean bags and cushions that use micro beans, e.g. Muji® and Mogu®. Also ideal for stuffing as handicrafts, stuffed toys, teddy bears etc. SG Beans micro beans last longer, and therefore make it less of a hassle than using inferior products which require more frequent top up or refill. In addition, when stuffed into a stretchy material like spandex, SG Beans micro beans provide a much smoother, softer, and mouldable texture than ordinary filling.

Density: Approx 15g/L
Diameter: Approx 1-2mm

$6.40 - $196.00
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