EPP Bean Bag Beans


High-quality Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Foam for bean bag filling.

Do you have a brand new bean bag cover waiting to be filled? Or do you have an existing bean bag that has gotten slack over the years?

SG Beans EPP beans are the longest lasting bean bag filler that we have. Using EPP to fill your bean bag means saving the hassle and cost of having to top up your bean bag for a very long time. An added bonus to using EPP for bean bags is that EPP is much quieter than EPS, so your bean bag doesn’t rustle when you move. EPP filling also provides a firmer feel, so use EPP if you are filling a structured bean bag (e.g. chair-shaped bean bag), or if you simply like your bean bags with more firmness.

Density: Approx 20g/L
Diameter: Approx 3-4mm



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