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Bean Bag Fabrics – Characteristics

Our discerning customers such as yourself are rightly concerned about the fabric or material that is used to make a bean bag’s outer cover. A bean bag’s cover is a determining factor of the bean bag’s overall quality, as well as its comfort and aesthetics. In this first article of a 2-part series on Bean Bag Fabrics, we seek to elaborate on a few important fabric characteristics.

1. Smoothness

Afterall, if a bean bag is meant to envelope a significant portion of your body, the material that is in direct contact with your skin and how smooth it feels, would be of utmost importance. While bean bag covers are not marketed by thread count like bedsheets are, the main concept is that the finer the texture, the smoother it will feel.

2. Breathability

For our Singapore customers, heat is one of the most important considerations.
Since a bean bag is meant to conform to your body, it entails that it will trap the your body heat. Hence, you ought to consider how breathable the fabric is when choosing the bean bag’s cover material, taking into context the environment your bean bag will be used in.

3. Strength

Of course, all these will be moot if the bean bag’s cover is not able to withstand reasonable usage. Every fabric has its own inherent tensile strength, and you need to consider an inherently strong material that is able to take the impact and stretch that a bean bag cover would sustain in its lifetime of your usage.

4. Water-Resistance

A good-to-have characteristic will be water-resistance. Some fabrics can be coated on the outside to repel water, and/or coated on the inside to reduce or prevent seepage. Some fabrics, by nature of its raw material, already have such qualities without the need for additional coatings. A water-resistant bean bag would be easy to maintain – regular cleaning can be done with a quick wipe; accidental spillages can be contained. If you intend to place your bean bag where there might be some light rain, then you would definitely want to consider a water-resistant fabric bean bag.


While it is good to have an understanding of the characteristics of fabrics used in bean bags, we know you are ultimately concerned with the various bean bag fabric options in the market, and how each of their varying characteristics would affect your intended usage and purchase decision. Please stay tuned for the next article where we delve into the common bean bag cover fabric options.

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