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Pure Squishy Bliss

In your quest for #nuahness , you, our esteemed customer, might have come across cushions and toys filled with ultra small beads / beans that make them extra squishy and huggable. The filling for these uber comfy toys is called Micro EPS, which is EPS (expanded polystyrene) beans of 1-2mm diameter.

In this article, we summarise our Research and Development work to present you

  1. how these comfort-inducing things work; and
  2. how you can leverage this for your #nuahing escapades.

Please allow us to begin the technicalities.

Stretchiness of Fabric

We have discovered that one of the two foundational elements is the fabric, and specifically, how stretchy / elastic it is.


“It’s the new technology being translated to modern living,” said Calvin Klein. ”It is going to revolutionize fashion. All the mills all over the world are adding stretch fibers to their wool or silk yarns.

“We can fit clothes more snugly so women can move as freely as if they had nothing on,” said Donna Karan.



Think neoprene, spandex, lycra and the like. These fabrics are woven in such a way that allow free movement, and gives a texture that is as if you have “nothing on”. We believe that is what you would be looking for.

NY Times Article

We feel that it is important to highlight that this is extremely credible, considering that is an article from the reputed The New York Times in 1987, with quotes from renowned fashion heavyweights.

Photo Credit: Source

Granularity of Filling

The next important element is the granularity of the filling – how fine or coarse it is.

Although we understand your immense need for intellectual stimulation, we feel that you might appreciate a tiny break with some visual stimulation.

Please allow us to introduce something that you most likely would already know in hot and humid Singapore: Bingsu – Korean shaved ice.

In this authoritative food sampling research article, a recurring theme is evident:

“… boasts extremely fine shaved ice”;

“The shaved ice here is the finest I have tasted in Singapore…”;

“While the ice is coarser than normal, I quite liked…”

This implies that how fine a bingsu is depends on how fine the ice is shaved. A fine bingsu is just not the same as a fine ice kachang, mainly because you are going for that smooth texture in a bingsu which an ice kachang cannot give. Other analogies include soft serve vs potong; and 1000-thread-count Egyptian cotton bedsheets vs chiong (imitation) cartoon character bedsheets from the pasar malam (local night market). We are confident you understand.

The downside, however, is that micro beans will compact together, like sand, when filled into a fixed-shape container (e.g. a pail). Now, there’s where the magic happens – using stretchy fabric means that the shape is pliable / malleable and can change depending on where pressure is applied.

That means Stretchy Fabric coupled with the Fine Granularity of Micro EPS beans will give you 

fluidity and smoothness together,

and hence that squishiness you, our respected customer,

so desire.

Sidenote: the linebreaks are to showcase a fine literary device known as a rhyme.

The Giant Mochi

If you’ve been to Japan or Taiwan, or the CNY (Chinese New Year) market at Chinatown, you would be familiar with this dessert called mochi – a dessert made of sweet glutinous rice flour that is soft and chewy.

What would you say if you can sink your entire body into a giant piece of mochi?

Using the exact concept of Stretchy Fabric + Fine Granularity, our Micro-EPS filled Spandex Bean Bags are like giant mochis that you place at various spots in the house for you to #nuah your glorious body into pure squishy bliss.

Safety Warning and Disclaimer: As squishy as they are, SG Beans bean bags or filling are not to be eaten or digested. SG Beans accepts no responsibility for the misuse of its products.
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